Free Modern Font Pairings For Commercial Use

Disclaimer: At the time of posting, all fonts are listed as 'free for commercial use' on their download page. I’ve done my best to make sure each one can be used in commercial projects, however it is your responsibility to double check the terms and conditions of each font you download.

Pairing clean, straight-line fonts with a stunning handwritten script font is an ever-popular design technique that gives a classic yet modern approach for any brand.

If you're struggling to find font pairings that look amazing together, I've taken the "guess work" out of it for you!

In this post I'll be sharing with you some beautiful modern font pairings that will easily elevate your branding - All you have to do is download to use them for your business or projects!


Just click on the links above for each font you want to download. Once you arrive at the download page, either click the download button or add to your cart (no payment will be required to checkout) to install to your computer.

I'm obsessed with finding new fonts and I'd love to hear what some of your favorite font pairings are right now! Leave a comment below!

Free Commercial Use Fonts for small business website and blogs

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